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LEGAL COMPANY "SELECTIUM" and Commercial Mediation Group (CMG) concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation

The Memorandum was signed on 26 July 2023.

The purpose of the Memorandum is to facilitate:

development of mediation in Ukraine;

the introduction of mediation as a modern practice of a peaceful way of solving and preventing conflicts (disputes) in the field of business, partnership, labor and marital relations;

development and increase in society's awareness of the human role in prevention and constructive resolution of conflicts (disputes).

The Memorandum was signed by Director Yuliya Perepelytsia on behalf of SELECTIUM, and by General Director Olha Tiuitiun on behalf of Commercial Mediation Group (CMG).

Commercial Mediation Group (CMG) is a leading team of mediators in Ukraine, which specializes in the effective resolution of conflict situations in business and other areas and has many years of successful practice in the preparation and conduct of negotiations and mediation in the field of commercial, organizational, labor, and marital relations.

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